Monday 14 April 2014

Get observational

Do you like LIFE? Do you like WRITING THINGS DOWN? Do you like GENERALLY BEING FAIRLY BUSY AND ACTIVE? If the answer to any, if not all, of these questions is "Yes", then Mass Observation is for you.


It's a delight to see Mass Observation back for another year. Everyone - yes, EVERYONE (please contact IT support about your Caps Lock button - Ed) has a chance to contribute to a digital diary of the Great British Public.


The requirement is simple: all you need to do is keep a diary of your day on May 12th, and send it to the Mass Observation team at Sussex University.

This is far from a new initiative. The coronation of George VI on 12th May 1937 led to a national Mass Observation Day, where people up and down the country diarised their day for research, preservation, and the publication of a series of books on the collated data.

This year, the MO team would like you to write as much down as possible about your day: what you're doing, who you meet, what you consume, what's around you... everything. The richer the seam of submitted information, the more valuable it becomes for current and future research. This is how the team want your submissions:


You should include a brief self portrait: your age, where you live, your relationship status, your present job or occupation if you are working and any other information that you think is important to record.
If 12th May was a typical day for you please say so. If not, please say why it wasn’t. Any reflections on the day and on how you felt while keeping the diary are welcome.
So that we can add your diary to the rest of the Archive for the future, please include the statement below at the end of your diary. If you don’t attach this statement, we won’t be able to keep your diary or make it part of the Archive.
“I donate my 12th May diary to the Mass Observation Archive. I consent to it being made publicly available as part of the Archive and assign my copyright in the diary to the Mass Observation Archive Trustees so that it can be reproduced in full or in part on websites, in publications and in broadcasts as approved by the Trustees".

Once it's done, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and feel good about what you've contributed. Here's a short Prezi on how the project went during its last run, in 2010.



Main image: Severalls, no ribbons Main image source/credits: Rob Walker, CC licence

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