Monday 06 July 2015

Google's DeepDream nightmare: our choice images

Hieronymous Bosch, The garden of earthly delights via DeepDream Hieronymous Bosch, The garden of earthly delights via DeepDream Vilson Vieiera

You may recall that Google's artificially-produced neural network was "deep-dreaming" crazy, nightmarish images a couple of weeks ago, to the considerable interest of artists and progrmamers everywhere. Now that the code is publicly available, we've selected some of the best pictures currently out there.

Perhaps we should call such a service "DaaS" - Dreaming as a Service. DeepDream recursively feeds images through AI, so they evolve into something completely different from the original. The network seems to love the Shiba Inu dog - of Doge fame - to the extent that many of the images produced are less "deep dreams", more doggy nightmares. Anyway, enjoy.




Reservoir Dogs, Urko Sanchez



Catdog, Chris Ing



Half-eaten doughnut, Dunks Nicoll



Kevin Spacey



Spaghetti, Thorne Brandt



Andy Murray, Jeremy Wilkinson


If the mood takes you to create a deeply-dreamed image yourself, then here's the code - but it's a bit of a faff to get working, and you'll ideally need Linux to run it (although MacOS should be OK). Web-based DeepDream parsers have sprouted up and died quickly, presumably because of the host's server/bandwidth limit being hit. However, if you would like Imperica to host it then do let us know - particularly if we can hive off some of the processing to something like AWS. 

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