Friday 06 October 2017

Max Hattler wins Supernova animation festival

Digital artist and academic Max Hattler has won this year's Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation Festival with his work Divisional Articulations.

We interviewed Max way back in 2012, as he was about to exhibit at Tenderpixel. Fast-forward five years and he's an Assistant Professor of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong, and the winner of many additional awards including a Cannes Lion.

Divisional Articulations was finished in the spring of 2017 and is a collaboration between Hattler, 16 students at CityU, and Lux Prima, the alter ego of Jean-Gabriel Becker, one half of two dance duos JeanGa and George and Becker & Mukai. In fact, so good is Lux Prima's work that we'll probably feature it on a future Imperica mix.

Max has explained to Nowness magazine that

... The concept of the video borrows from Paul Klee's Bauhaus teachings and draws on visual influences ranging from Constructivist art to computer animation pioneer John Whitney's seminal film experiment Matrix III.

Here's Divisional Articulations. Enjoy all 4'33" of it (yes, we got the reference too).


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