Thursday 17 January 2013

Parcel for Julian Assange

Many of us get a little excited and nervous when we order something online, tracking the movements of the parcel from one point to another. Artist collective Mediengruppe Bitnik has taken the concept one step further, sending a parcel to Julian Assange, currently holded up in the Ecudorian Embassy. The parcel takes a photograph of its surroundings every few minutes, and broadcasts it to the Internet. 


The Zurich-based group has been using its Twitter feed to comment on each photo, which was routinely uploaded to a web server available from the group's website. The site is now down, as the parcel successfully made its way to Assange with its inner mechanics switched off.

Assange opened the parcel, which contained a number of presents and a number of cards, which he showed to the camera. They included "Free Anons", "Free Bradley Manning" and "Justice for Aaron Swartz".




Further information on Bitnik is available in Challenging mediaour article from 2010 which featured the group's first major UK show, at Space Studios in Hackney. Great work from Bitnik here - and rather wonderful to see that the parcel made it to its intended recipient (parcel delivery companies, take note).



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