Wednesday 11 October 2017

Radical Networks: celebrating the free and open Internet

Radical Networks: celebrating the free and open Internet Steve Jurvetson, CC licence

The Radical Networks collective is launching its latest event next week in Brooklyn. 

The product of artists Sarah Grant, Erica Kermani, and Amelia Marzec, RN looks to be one of those conferences where you come away with a brain full of new and interesting ideas and connections, rather than the usual corporate slop. By "celebrating the free and open Internet", it brings together artists, activists, technologists, and others to deliver three days of critical thinking on the Internet and our relationship with it.

Spanning three days (four if you also want to attend the workshop), RN features events and talks on topics including:

  • Human legibility in the age of AI
  • Critical packet sniffing
  • Digital aestheticism
  • Technology and revolution convergence
  • Emergent marketplaces in videogames
  • How to set up your own VPN

... and more. There's also a closing party, free to the public, where some of the materials and exhibitions from the event will be showcased.

Tickets, as you might expect, are an absolute bargain: $75 for the whole three days. Book here.

If you're attending, do let us know how it goes.

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