Wednesday 18 February 2015

Sage passes time with new AR app

Digital studios Mbryonic and Atomhawk have been busy with Gateshead's concert venue The Sage to produce a new application which turns the entire building into a musical instrument.

Called Play Sage Gateshead, it's available on the usual menagerie of platforms as well as Oculus Rift. Immersion into the space is heightened by its use of Ten Pulse, a performance from late last year where musicians used the building's interior as ambient instruments. The space in the application was mapped from the Sage's floor plans, with the digital recreation made in Unity.

Here's a screenshot, with what appears to be a set of hotspots scattered around the space alongside mapped visual effects and a mixer. It appears to be inspired by David Byrne's work Playing The Building, which is no bad thing.


Adam Kent of the Sage said: "Working on Play Sage Gateshead with Mbryonic has been a real joy for us here. It is a very new form of commission for us and Mrbyonic’s expertise and creative flair has played a central role in bringing it to life.” Which is nice.

It was commissioned by ACE/BBC arts thing The Space, and we hope that this public involvement will lead to an open-sourcing of the code, as the "playing" of public buildings in this rich way could lead to more interesting immersive environments for visitors.

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