Wednesday 07 March 2012

SXSW adventures

During last year's SXSW, Anjali Ramachandran made a photojournal for us, detailing her experience of the super-event from a UK delegate's perspective.

Heather Taylor. Photo by courtesy of Heather Taylor

This year, we're delighted to be repeating the photojournal project again, with Heather Taylor.

Heather should be well-known to many in UK digital / tech. Something of a polymath - a film-maker, writer, speaker and strategist - she is the creator of web cookery show Foodfighters, serial drama Raptured, and has formerly worked at organisations including PayPal and the BBC, where she was its Community Manager. Heather has recently relocated to the US to be the Editorial Director for Econsultancy. There's plenty more on her own website.


This year, we'll be expanding the photojournal idea. Heather will be capturing her adventures throughout the course of SXSW and publishing them to this new Pinterest board.


Once SXSW is over, we'll follow up with an article where Heather recollects her choice moments - and favourite photos. We hope that you join us for our SXSW coverage, and our sincere thanks once again to Heather.

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