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Friday 24 May 2013

The art of drones and war

Brighton's splendid Lighthouse recently played host to long, lovely talks from Mariele Neudecker and James Bridle

Mariele's talk focussed on her recent work, including The air itself is one vast library and Heterotopias and other domestic landscapes. The air itself...  is a visual examination of the technologies of war, creating something of a departure from her canon of naturalistic works to date. The work uses "ground truth", where remote sensing describes data collected on location, and includes visits to missile sites around the world. Heterotopias is a "container of landscapes" with deliberate, enforced limitations, such as cropping. 

James, he of the New Aesthetic, was "creative technologist in residence" last year at Lighthouse, as part of Caper's Happenstance programme. His work for the gallery this year is Under the shadow of the drone, a comprehensive work on drones including Dronestagram in which images of drone strikes are shared to Instagram.

The talks are long, exploratory, dense, and hugely enjoyable. Something for the bank holiday weekend, perhaps...

Main image: Mariele Neudecker Main image source/credits: Lighthouse

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