Saturday 26 August 2017

The return of the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu: 2023 day 3 part 2

Badger Kull Badger Kull

The perch has been caught. The pyre has been lit. The undertakers have committed the rites of Mu. And the bar is open.

Badger Kull play at midnight.

Badger Kull, "Toxteth Day of the Dead"


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The procession followed the ice cream van through Liverpool, soliciting police attention and car horn peeps. The 400 are disorganised but together.


Some consider themselves artists and have attempted to insert themselves into the ritual. By and large this has not gone well.

Because The Very Rev Jarvis is taking charge. The JAMs called him up in Sheffield Town and he stood by them.

A Japanese guy who's English is limited has just paid £99 for a brick.

Build a fire. An idiot has brought a dog.

2017. No-one knows what the fuck is going on.

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Jon Bounds

Jon is a flâneur of words and the Internet who created, wrote and directed (mainly by Direct Message) the first ever piece of drama to be performed on Twitter. He currently edits Paradise Circus: A Birmingham Miscellany.

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