Friday 13 October 2017

Two online magazines launch, covering contemporary art criticism

Two online magazines launch, covering contemporary art criticism Detail from "Thresholds"

Two new digital magazines launched recently: one in the US, and one in the UK.

Let's take the UK one first, and it's one that you're probably already familiar with. Tabloid Art History is the extraordinary Twitter account of Elise Bell, Chloe Esslemont, and Mayanne Soret. Covered by magazines around the world, it juxtaposes celebrity shots from the paparazzi with famous paintings throughout history. This week, TAH launched its own magazine covering topics including the marginalisation of Grime, female self-appreciation, and Jean Cocteau in the age of Instagram.

As one would expect from TAH, it's quite brilliant... and free. Grab it here.

In the US, Thresholds is the product of Whitney Trettien and Frances McDonald. Each issue contains stories and content especially produced with visuals and audio surrounding the core text. It's quite beautiful, and is a piece of work which many online news producers should aspire to. As they say in their manifesto, "Think of [Thresholds] as being an artist's browser that harkens back to the early WWW". Contributors to issue 1 include Carla Nappi, Mark Amerika, Nathan Jones, and Ted Greenwald. Read it here.

Our best wishes to our new friends in critical digital publishing and we hope that they enjoy every success. Imperica Magazine issue 2 is out shortly.

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