Friday 28 July 2017

"Your agency hates black women": NYC copywriter goes for the jugular

New York-based copywriter Alysia Lewis has got straight to the point with advertising her services on Facebook, starting her ad with the title Your agency hates black women.


The ad continues with a brilliantly nuanced piece of writing, such as a later paragraph:

You don't think it'll happen to you. You hate Donald Trump, you hashtagged BLM that one time, and you probably love Beyonce. You'd never step in it like Pepsi did. Your agency isn't an echo chamber of ass patting and cigar smoking. Your agency has integrity and common sense. But one day you and your team will be sitting and brainstorming and someone will say: 'Why don't we use finna in the headline?' - and it will all come crashing down.

Alysia's ad has resulted in 58 responses to the ad, posted to the NYC Jobs and Networking group. It has also resulted in coverage in US marketing magazines, and - we hope - at least a few genuine offers of work.

Seriously: read the whole thing. It's brilliantly written, being both direct and honest, with more than a sprinkle of self-effacing humour.

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