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Real time art: gimmick or a postmodernist necessity?

Real time art: gimmick or a postmodernist necessity? Sigrid Artmann

Whether this is the first event of its kind or not, Berlin recently played host to a gallery where the works were being made in front of its visitors. Generously, all proceeds from the event went to sponsoring students at the Design Akademie Berlin.

Held in the U3 tunnel venue (a disused railway station under Potsdamer Platz, converted to an events venue), the ​Bombay Sapphire Canvasbar​ exhibition featured artists such as Superblast and Olaf Haiek. 

Here's a video.

The event is touring; having been in Berlin, Brussels and Manchester, it will next stop in Milan on 14/11/18 followed by Paris the day after. Rankin's part of the campaign, so why not pop along and get a nice photo done for your next passport while you're there.
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