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Seeing shapes in Hoxton

Seeing shapes in Hoxton “Virtually Fragile #11”, Josh Rowell, 2019

Pareidolia, for the uninitiated, is the principle of seeing shapes known to the observer, in other shapes - for example, with Karen Zack’s infamous picture quizzes of “Chihuahua or muffin” and the like.

Pareidolia is also the name of a new exhibition at Space Station in the home of the fin, Hoxton Square. Featuring fourteen artists, there is no specific theme - the press release for this refers to the artworks as being ​"free to communicate with each other".​ As well as no overarching theme, there is also no overarching medium, so you end up with a range of works. Whether you consider this loose amalgamation as beautifully random or worryingly incoherent is, well, up to you really.

In fact, such randomness should be telling a story itself. What happens when some kind of random factor chooses both artists and artworks? What is the method used to generate these random decisions? If an algorithm did it, what would it do differently?

Anyway, the artists in Pareidolia are Alexi Marshall, Ant Hamlyn, Filippo Cegani, Giuseppe Lana, Jessica Rimondi, Josh Rowell, Lucy Gregory, Marco Piemonte, Marcus Cope, Mihael Milunovic, Paula Morison, Pola Dwurnik, Shinuk Suh, and Willem Weismann. 

Perhaps the most interesting to many Imperica readers is Josh Rowell, whose technologically-enhanced abstract painting is definitely worth a look.

Pareidolia runs from 6 - 28/06/19 at Space Station in Hoxton Square, London. The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Daniel Benjamin Gallery. More information here.

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