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Augment your knowledge at Sensorium

Augment your knowledge at Sensorium “Halo”, Kimchi and Chips

The lovely Danube-banked city of Bratislava plays host once again to Sensorium, Slovakia‘s biggest festival of digital art and culture, in early June.

Held at the Pisztory Palace in the city centre, the festival will host the usual luminaries of digital arts and culture but also, for the first time, have a public programme to be held across the city’s public spaces.

This year, the theme is The Augmented Mind, which the festival describes as “a lens to explore ways artists, designers and technologists work with the notion of augmentation as a creative principle“.

Speakers include Elliot Woods, Seoul-based co-founder of Ars Electronica-winning studio Kimchi and Chips; Christopher Csíkszentmihályi, co-founder of the MIT Center for Civic Media amongst many other roles and accolades; Aleksandra Przegalińska, futurist and philosopher with a focus on societial impacts of wearables and AI; and Stefanie Posavec, the queen of dataviz whom we interviewed 9 (!!!!) years ago.

Imperica interviews with Sensorium speakers

Ján Pernecký: the digital paradigm

Sissel Marie Tonn: sense, space, time

​Further info

Further information on Sensorium is available at the event website. You’ll also find more information there on the public exhibition, as well as book tickets. The event itself runs over a weekend - 07/06/19 to 09/06/19.

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