Commercial services

Commercial services Still from “Craving for Narrative”, Max Grau, 2015

Since 2010, Imperica has published thoughtful, insightful content from thoughtful, insightful people.

We'd like to do the same for you.

Imperica's writers, editors and contributors aim to capture the most interesting and most useful people, opinions, and content out there. Whether it's through our newsletter, our interviews, or through challenging, hard-hitting content, we have a deep yet respectful understanding of what works.

At the same time, we also aim to build Imperica into an online publication which is even bigger and better. In an online content market dominated by US publishers, we also want to shine a light on the great creative work from the UK (and, indeed, across Europe). These rather lofty aspirations require contributors who in turn require funding.

Here's what we offer.

  • Bespoke copy and content services, including writing brand guidelines and setting brand tone of voice.
  • Writing and producing content for online and offline publications.
  • Editorial services for others' content, including books.
  • Intelligence and debrief services, including custom newsletters and client-specific "roundups" along the lines of our weekly newsletter, Web Curios.

You can white-label our services, no problem. We're not bothered about being anonymous.

All of this is managed from our small office in central Oxford. Our clients have come from the UK, the US, the Middle East, and mainland Europe. You'll find us the friendliest bunch with - and we promise this unreservedly - rates way below what you'd expect from us.

We offer these services under our sister brand, Perera. Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +44 1865 238384 for a chat.