3D printing service

Imperica's coverage of creative, artistic and digital matters means that we are very excited about the rise of 3D printing. So excited, in fact, that we are now offering our own 3D print-to-order service.

The offer is simple. You give us your design, and we make it and send it to you (postage is free). You can provide a 3D CAD file, or we can produce one on your behalf.

Imperica has access to some of the best machines available in the UK, some with SLS (Synthetic Laser Sintering) capability. The best and most beautiful 3D objects have been produced by SLS-based machines.

We only offer white plastics - let's stick to one colour and just do it really well. We can also offer low-volume production runs, with volumes of up to the low hundreds.

Imperica's 3D printing service is provided in partnership with 3DprintUK, one of the UK's leading 3D print services, based here in the UK and comprising of a small team of highly experienced designers and producers.

If you're an artist, agency creative, or just need some prototyping, then Imperica's 3D printing service is perfect for your needs.

Simply contact us with your requirements.


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