Horizons is the name of Imperica's series of events. Focussing on one or a number of themes, Horizons events are interactive, interesting, entertaining, and stimulating... and the ticket price is inexpensive.


Wearable Horizons

We returned to the BFI as part of the Sci-Fi London festival in May 2014, to look at wearable technology.
More here.

Mirror Mirror

Produced in association with Arc, our event in summer 2013 looked at the future of home and mobile entertainment.
More here. 


Imperica's first event in 2012 was a two-day celebration of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, produced in association with Sci-Fi London.
Info, slides, and Storify. 

Main image: Saul Metzstein Main image source/credits: Director of "Micro Men", speaking at Horizons

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