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Such car, very contract: how AI is having fun with memes

Such car, very contract: how AI is having fun with memes ImgFlip AI Memes

Two of the biggest trends in digital over the past few years has been memes and artificial intelligence / machine learning. Inevitably, someone has blended the two, and that dubious “pleasure“ has fallen to ImgFlip. The image and meme creation firm has launched AI Memes, a service where you can add a word or two, pick from 48 well-known memes, and let nature - well, a neural network - take its course.

Like Giphy, ImgFlip keeps its creations in a public gallery, meaning that anyone can browse the archive. There‘s also an NSFW flag if you wish to have a bit more... er... fun with it.

At the time of writing, the creation service collapsed under the weight of popularity. It‘s now only open to paid members - ImgFlip is at least honest to say that neural networks are expensive to run. So, we trawled the gallery to find some choice creations. Rather like the work of Janelle Shane, there is considerable comedy value to be derived from the weird crap that the system spits out, as well as the more coherent ones. 

An obvious candidate for a new car rental brand campaign
Be warned that an attraction to farting people in the middle of the state will anger your car
The people‘s chocolate
Life goals
Perhaps *the* most perfect example of this service

Curious? Fascinated? Got a few hours of lockdown time to kill? Have a play here.

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