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Sufferosa: new work from the Kissinger Twins

Sufferosa: new work from the Kissinger Twins

The Kissinger Twins - Kasia Kifert and Dawid Marcinkowski - have remade their 2010 interactive masterpiece Sufferosa for Instagram. Using features including Instagram’s IGTV and Insta Stories, the new work comprises three acts over twenty-four episodes. This is the launch of the first act, with the second and third acts to be launched over the coming year.

Sufferosa is the story of detective Ivan Johnson, on the trail of a missing woman. The search leads him to “female rejuvenation expert” Professor Carlos von Braun, who drugs the detective and takes him to an offshore clinic, full of women held prisoner on a promise of eternal youth. However, rather than simply be a satire on the Kardashian generation, Sufferosa is a complex, grown-up commentary on ageing, and beauty’s obsession with youth.

Kifert and Marcinkowski cite a diverse range of influences for the work: Godard's Alphaville; This Chair Rocks: a manifesto against ageism by Ashton Applewhite; and, perhaps surprisingly, exploratory platform games such as Jet Set Willy.

Additionally, Sufferosa features a soundtrack including Sonic Youth, Exploding Star Orchestra, Modular, and the KLF.

Do let us know what you think; we covered the Twins' last work The Trip, last May.

Explore the world of Sufferosa here. 

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