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Technology, art, and fashion: Google wants artists-in-residency

Technology, art, and fashion: Google wants artists-in-residency Google

Google’s Arts and Culture Lab in Paris is looking for three artists to take up residency for five months, and to create works which use connected textiles.

In particular, the residency will partner with Jacquard, Google’s connected textile architecture which comprises of conductive metal woven into fabric - giving the user the opportunity of becoming something like a human circuit board, and thus offering the ability to run connected services through their clothes. The residency will enable access to the Jacquard factories in Japan, as well as mentoring and resources in Paris. Mentoring will come from our old friend Memo Akten as well as Pamela Golbin, the Chief Curator at Musée de la Mode et du Textile.

The package includes paid-for travel to the Japan factory, Google developer and hardware expert resource, and three weeks placed within the Google Arts & Culture Lab in the Opera district of Paris. There will be an opportunity to showcase the works at a so-far-unannounced private event in October and possibly Google’s partner museums, as well as video coverage on Google itself. Each artist also recieves €10k expenses and a €15k budget. Unfortunately, Google says that winning artists will have to make their own way to Paris, which seems rather stingy.

Google has clarified that “... apart from Jacquard background IP, artists must guarantee full ownership or right of use in perpetuity of the used material, including musical rights if applicable.” You’ll also have to make your own way to and from Paris, which seems quite stingy.

Interested? Apply here.

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