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The difficult second issue

The difficult second issue Treated cover of Imperica Magazine issue 1, Shardcore

We launched Imperica in August 2010 and finally got around to launching a "proper" magazine in 2017. It has an ISSN number and you can buy it as an EPUB. Yes, a proper magazine.

For no other reason than a wanton, illogical yet burning desire, we're going to publish a second issue. Yes, we know that we have left it for quite a while. We'll try to get better at maintaining a regular frequency - well, more regular than ​"when we feel like it, which is currently every 2 and a half years"​.

Although we mainly cover art and technology on the web, the magazine has a broader range of topics, which can be summarised as ​"Anything related to society right now"​. For an indication of what that looks like in reality, here's issue 1. 

So, we are actively looking for writers and contributors. Everyone who goes in the magazine will be paid.

As is the case with issue 1, you'll be able to buy it as a PDF, an EPUB, and as a Kindle publication on Amazon.

If you would like to contribute to Imperica Magazine issue 2 and/or would like to buy a copy of issue 1, simply email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We welcome photographers and artists as well as writers.

We'll update you here and on our Twitter feed nearer the time on a confirmed publication date.

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