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The effects of virtual reality

The effects of virtual reality

Marco Gillies is a researcher and lecturer on virtual reality at Goldsmiths. He has written a long and considered piece on the effects of VR on children, but there's enough in there that anyone interested or involved with VR should have a read.

Enter your quote here...VR has been touted as an "empathy machine" because it allows us to experience what it is like to be another person, to walk in another person's shoes. We should be wary of overstating this, but studies have shown that, in adults, VR can increase empathy with older people and people of different races. The same could be true of children, though we really don't know since children's ability to empathise develops gradually and so VR experience might not have the same effect (though it might help develop children's empathy, who knows).

Marco Gillies
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