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The Kissinger Twins take a trip

The Kissinger Twins take a trip

​The Trip​ is the new interactive work from London-based duo The Kissinger Twins. We'll turn this article over to them to tell us all about it.

"A story for the Edward Snowdens and Daniel Ellsbergs in all of us"

The moon landing is one of the greatest milestones in human history. What if it wasn't real? Meet Jack Torrance, the man who made it all happen. @jacktorrancetrip, one of the most complex interactive storytelling experiences on Instagram, tells his story. Follow his adventure to the dark side of politics and manipulation and learn how surveillance technologies have changed since 1969. 

The Trip is written and directed by Kissinger Twins, an award-winning director duo, and was inspired by a real-life event. During their holiday on American Samoa, they met Jack Torrance: a singular 80-year-old, who claimed that he was the mastermind behind NASA's moon landing. "Jack finds mobile technology and social media as a threat to privacy, so telling his story via Instagram became a subversive choice. He was initially reluctant, but soon understood that we needed to use the most relevant tools of modern storytelling to amplify his message."

The story blends original NASA footage and unclassified FBI documents in an immersive experience. 

Truth? Lies? Find out for yourself at @jacktorrancetrip.

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