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The new breed of artist exploring society's digital consciousness

The new breed of artist exploring society's digital consciousness "Low Form"
In 'Low Form' – the latest in a global swathe of exhibitions reflecting on the hype cycle of artificial intelligence – curator Bartolemeo Pietromarchi draws convincing affiliations between surrealism, computer simulation and new forms of algorithmic intelligence. Comprising works by 20 international artists, including many – such as Zach Blas, Ian Cheng, Cécile B. Evans, Trevor Paglen and Jon Rafman – who regularly appear in exhibitions on this subject, the show casts some new perspectives on the well-rehearsed themes of mediated digital vision and technological consciousness. In fact, Pietromarchi specifically selected artists from a certain demographic to reflect the critical distance of the millennial mindset: this is a more seasoned grouping than some exhibitions on the circuit saturated by Gen-Zers.

In her text for the accompanying exhibition catalogue, Nora Khan acknowledges the link between artists' approaches to visualizing neural networks and the surrealist practice of associative thinking by tracing the familiar path from fluxus and Oulipo through the experiments of John Cage, Tony Conrad and Alison Knowles to the post-human and software-based practices represented in 'Low Form'. Khan suggests that this new breed of artists is reimaging the 'demands and expectations we should make on our software and hardware'.

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