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The ODI wants a data artist

The ODI wants a data artist ODI

Claire Selby from the Open Data Institute gets in touch, and asks if we can pass on some information regarding their call for an artist to work with data. 

The ODI is entering its second year of a three-year R&D programme funded by Innovate UK. The programme goal is to advance knowledge and expertise in how data can shape the next generation of public and private services, and create economic growth. The programme is divided into three themes: upgrading data infrastructure; supporting innovation, business growth and encouraging trade; and data sharing and trust.

Our Data as Culture art programme commissions and exhibits artists and works that use data as an art material. Since it began, Data as Culture has reached over 100,000 people, simultaneously provoking, stimulating and expanding the way we think about data and its impact on us as individuals and society.

We are seeking an artist to work with our world-class team of researchers within the data sharing and trust project theme.

Decisions are being made using data about people and organisations in ways they do not control or understand. This can lead to a damaging loss of trust in the economic and social value that data could create. Existing data ethics initiatives focus primarily on reducing risks associated with bias, and broader issues associated with digital inclusion and equity are coming to the fore. At the ODI we are exploring practices that: increase trust and trustworthiness; build ethical considerations into how data is collected, managed and used; create equity and fairness around who accesses, uses and benefits from data; and engage widely with affected people and organisations.

For further information and to apply, visit the ODI website.

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