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The Predictions Bucket for 2019

The Predictions Bucket for 2019

Continuing our annual tradition since our inception way back in 2010 (I know, right?), the Predictions Bucket comes back for another year.

What we do is this: collect as many "Predictions for 2019" articles as possible, strip them down into themes, then cross-refer themes against their authors. The idea is that the more people/organisations make a prediction, the more likely it is to happen - or, conversely, the greater the number of people who are deluded by a shiny unicorn.

The more predictions we know about, the richer the data. And, the richer the data, the more informed the Bucket becomes. The predictions can come from anywhere: from agencies, media, futurists, organisations, your gran. It doesn't matter. We'll put all of them in.

To let us know about a prediction, simply

  • ​Tweet us @imperica
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The predictions can be yours, or you can just give us a link to someone else's document or web page.

This year, rather than offer an Excel spreadsheet to download, we'll make the data live within a web page.

So, we look forward to hearing from you with any "Predictions" documents or reports that you come across. ​

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