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The shady world of Amazon reviews

The shady world of Amazon reviews Domdomegg

This should really come as no surprise to anyone, but people have been making money from a grey market which has sprouted up around writing and gaming Amazon reviews. Groups have been started where their writers take a cut from every review posted. All of this seems rather obvious and shoulder-shrugging, until one remembers that sole traders and small businesses also sell on Amazon due to the company's dominance, and negative reviews adversely affects their bottom line:

The most industrious paid reviewers become moderators and begin facilitating review deals themselves. Frank, whose name has been changed, manages an Amazon review Slack channel in his spare time. The entrepreneurial 18-year-old scours Amazon for products that aren't well-rated and offers the product's seller his Slack channel's review services. Listings with a small number of reviews and a low-star rating are ideal candidates. "If [a product listing] has 30 reviews with an average of 2.5 stars, it's worth it and I'll reach out," he said.

mFrank only earns about $20 from reviews a month, and sometimes a bit extra through seller negotiations. "I get about 30% for every review that one of our reviewers does," he said. The bulk of Frank's review income comes from reselling the items he reviews on eBay, where he makes "about a couple hundred" monthly.

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