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The shop where you can buy everything

JWT Intelligence

JWT Intelligence has reported on a burgeoning concept in retail stores where every visible product is for sale.

OK, well, the idea is a little more complex than that. High-concept (and presumably high-cost) retailers such as Merci in Paris have opened self-contained retail experiences which contain finished, showroom-ready installations where, indeed, everything is for sale.

In the case of Merci, the company has restored and subsequently opened a two-bedroom apartment for this purpose. Restored by Merci‘s creative director Daniel Rosensztroch, one might call it the “everything store“ if a tax-avoiding behemoth hadn‘t got there first.

What makes Merci‘s experience unique is that it is a retailer‘s version of a working home. When items are purchased, they are often replaced by different products. As such, every visit to the apartment-store will be different too. Rozensztroch aims to completely change the interior every three months or so - a process that he calls stratification.

Unfortunately, you can‘t just wander into the apartment - it has to be by appointment only. But, this seems to be a frankly obvious concept for other retailers to copy. At perhaps the other end of the financial scale, pretty much everything in an Ikea in-store display is for sale. After all, if you see a shop display that looks inviting enough - the furnishings, accessories, and associated products are all in sync with each other - why would you not want to do that? The desire to copy an experience extends to more than just the purchase of, for example, a duvet, only to put it in your own bedroom and to thus lessen the original effect.

The only time that we usually see a sign reading “everything is for sale“ is when a store is closing. Perhaps this mantra needs to be used more frequently, to embolden and to complete the retail experience. It would help to both diversify the retailer‘s offer, while enhancing the in-store experience.

It‘s a no-brainer. There‘s more on this concept from JWT here, which they call Hometail. 

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