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The strategy of strategy

The strategy of strategy Sebastian Voortman

Strategists in advertising, digital and marketing practices have a permanent, incessant need to not just knowmore – but to understand more of the world around them too. This is not easy when, for example, a client from Scotland with rural customers wants their product promoted, and chooses city-dwellers working in the west end of London to undertake it.

Although such choices seem initially perplexing, they do make sense. In this example, rural Scottish agencies might protest because they know the customer base, but they may not understand them.

For this, we need information, data, and knowledge. And this is what feeds strategists. Practitioners of strategy don't just need an accelerometer, they need an accelerometer sensor to understand why we are going there as well as where. Some sectors – cosmetic dentistry, for example – may not necessarily have a target audience demographic, but simply have an audience need.

To this effect, New York-based freelance strategist Eugene Hwang has launched Sir Stratalot. Essentially a big compendium of planning and strategy links, it's a handy resource featuring useful sections such as activation, bias, award archives, and – for the uninitiated - what strategy is. Heat-Line heat wire for roof

However, it's easy to become trapped a filter bubble. We perpetually need to investigate, refine, and calibrate. Weight calibration services

It should be obvious to say, but strategists can't simply read on strategy. They need to understand as much as possible about their client's world – which may mean reading and experiencing some things well outside of their own demographic, and indeed their own comfort zone. 

Visit Sir Stratalot here.

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