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The unreasonable power of creativity


The video from last night's D&AD event is now up:


Sharp'ner - Use Your Creativity To Change the World


How creativity makes people give a shit.

A stimulating debate for maverick and progressive approaches to creating communications and actions around charitable and ethical organisations. Everything from glorious failures to stonking success stories.

Has the creative job already been done on Peace One Day in creating the concept? What can the creative community add?

From needles in Babies arms to rethinking the social worker via the Graphic Novel. Let's talk about why creativity matters and what it adds to issues and causes that are self evidently good and interesting in their own right.

Looking beyond shock and awe and towards more cerebral approaches (or perhaps not!)

With the White Pencil coming up next year, it's a timely debate about the state of creativity in the charitable and ethical sector.


Chair: Simon Manchipp, SomeOne


Panel: Daniel Eatock, Graphic Designer

David Harris, Wunderman

Richard Huntington, Saatchi & Saatchi

Sanky, AllofUs

Meirion Pritchard, Creative Director, Wallpaper*


(ht @saatchilondon)

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