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The web at 30: an artistic response

The web at 30: an artistic response I Exist On The Internet, Ambie Drew

The creative powerhouse that is Birmingham’s Vivid Projects is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee’s paper Information Management: A Proposal, which spawned the creation of something called the World Wide Web.

Vague But Exciting, which runs until 22/06/19, features a splendidly diverse range of works from both new and established artists.

I Exist On The Internet, Ambie Drew

A recent Fine Art graduate from the University of Worcester, Drew offers works created through an alter ego, Ambie - an almost doll-like presence, complete with neon pink touches of stereotypically feminine styling. We firmly believe that Ambie Drew is an artist to watch in the future.

Proxy Pavilions, Antonio Roberts

Digital art supremo and friend of Imperica Antonio Roberts presents works which, in themselves, call on the online experience. When someone connects to one of the devices running Roberts’ work, the device disconnects from the Internet, offering a connection that is physically one-to-one.

Twin Pixel, Compiler

Tanya Boyarkina, Oscar Cass-Darweish and Eleanor Chownsmith are Compiler. Based on David Lynch’s observation that . Twin Pixel is a work sparked by an episode of cult favourite Twin Peaks and engages with Lynch's point of contention that a smartphone offers nothing but a detached viewing experience. Compiler’s response is to show live streams in two-pixel resolution, itself referring to the compression techniques inherent in streaming.

Dialled away on the 56K, David Checkley

Those of a certain age will enjoy this: the sounds of electronic communications, most of which are simply not heard any more.

Electric Lady Land, Emily Mulenga

A compendium of found digital footage which explores identity, playfulness, nostalgia, and the sense of the digital self.

Default Filename TV, Everest Pipkin

The wonderfully-named Everest Pipkin aims to reclaim the Internet by offering a search and aggregation function that only shows YouTube video made with handheld devices and using default file names.

Exorbitant PrivilegeKanad Chakrabarti

Way before 1989 was the US military’s involvement in the creation of what we now know to be the Internet. Chakrabarti’s work looks at the role of the military-industrial complex in the development of the Internet, and its subsequent role in open source.

Personae, Rosa Francesca

An audio work created by facial recognition and tracking tools. Faces are in fact painted onto Francesca’s body and clothing, making it something of a postmodern theremin.

U$AARSandra Araújo

Video games, glitches, and the role of data in socio-political events.

Web%20birthday.gif, Swoomptheeng

Swoomptheeng is an audio-visual collective of 8 people, who are creating a birthday card for the Web. Again, those of you of a certain age will like this one.

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