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The world of the Pi-Hole ad blocker


Pi-Hole is a network-level ad and tracking software blocker. Rather than a package such as AdBlock which sits on the client (ie the user's web browser), Pi-Hole intercepts any attempt at calling an ad from the web page back to the ad server, thus preventing an ad from being shown. It's prevention rather than cure-level.

Anyway, Bloomberg has written a rather excellent article about the Pi-Hole development community, although they should really do something about the line spacing on their site. It's awful.

Another Pi-hole developer, an Australian who consented to a video interview on the condition that he be identified only by his internet handle, WaLLy3K, is more of a scorched-earth type. He distinguished himself among Pi-hole fans by curating huge block lists of domainsassociated with ad servers, trackers, and malware. One of the other devs took to calling him "Mr. Insane Lists." If you take all of WaLLy3K's recommendations, you will find yourself blocking about 2.6 million domains. His objection to ads includes an aversion to "visual clutter" as well as a desire for privacy. He's the kind of guy who will go up to a photographer at an event and ask that she not take his picture. "It comes down to consent," he says. "I didn't consent to giving out this information to people." He estimates he spends 10 hours to 15 hours a week on Pi-hole.

Adrianne Jefferies
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