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Top 10 of 2012

Top 10 of 2012

From the near-past to well into the future, we have covered a lot of ground this year. Here are the most popular articles from Imperica in 2012, ranked in order of popularity.

Horizons: the Sinclair ZX Spectrum at 30
This is the event that we ran in May, with a follow-up event pencilled in for spring 2013. All of the materials are at the link. (Yes, we know that this isn't an article per se, but there's a lot of content there)

The future of the future
Leila Johnston and Chris Heathcote discuss futurism and what happened to our utopia.

The future is here
Luke Robert Mason talks about the rebirth of Virtual Futures.

Elliot Reuben: WTF is wrong with agencies?
A direct strike to agencies that lazily consider themselves to be 'digital' or 'social'. 

David M. Berry: Computationality and the New Aesthetic
David dissects James Bridle's theory, mining concepts from the Grecians right through to skeuomorphology.

The New Aesthetic in writing
A regularly-updated list of essays concerning the New Aesthetic.

A place is a space we give meaning
A look at folio magazine and turning three-dimensional art into two-dimensional print.

On the preservation of digital art
Alex May on the challenges and complexities of ensuring that digital art is preserved for later exhibition, in an era of technological obsolence.

Peter Cochrane: ambient intelligence
Well-known technologist and thinker Peter Cochrane on why consumer technology is not as "smart" as the ubiquitous "smart" label implies.


None of the above was possible without the time and energy given by our interviewees, guests, speakers, and participants. It's all of you that have made our little magazine possible - and kept it going.  

Have a great Christmas; see you in 2013.

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