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Unilever wants influencer marketing to be squeaky clean

Unilever wants influencer marketing to be squeaky clean Wikipedia

​What is it?
A call from ubiquitous Unilever CMO Keith Weed to ensure that there is transparency in, and an ethical approach to, influencers and influencer marketing

What is it about?
Announced at Cannes, Unilever is making three commitments:

  • Transparency from Influencers: We will not work with influencers who buy followers.
  • Transparency from Brands: Our brands will never buy followers.
  • Transparency from Platforms: We will prioritise partners who increase transparency and help eradicate bad practices throughout the whole ecosystem.

Why should you know about it?
Influencer marketing has been notoriously opaque in the past, with influencers not necessarily communicating if or how they are paid to talk about a product (not that they have consciously avoided it). The same goes for followers, where volume sometimes implies that they have been bought rather than earned. This lack of clarity has created mistrust in audiences, who don't necessarily understand where brand investment has happened. However, bear in mind that this is a voluntary announcement from one global brand owner, and there aren't any marketing industry-wide moves to support it - yet.
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