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Untangling the meaning of engagement

10000 stairs to the top by Noah Sussman, CC licence http://www.flickr.com/photos/thefangmonster/1313052642/


Definitely worth reading is a long, detailed, opinionated piece by the brilliant Martin Weigel, Head of Planning for Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam.


Called Engagement: Fashionable yet Bankrupt, it's split into the following sections:


  • Calling bullshit on the bullshit
  • Assuming engagement is a metric
  • Claiming engagement is something entirely new
  • Failing to recognise that engagement is an intermediate measure
  • Assuming that interruption is dead
  • Assuming that engagement is the route to more loyalty
  • Overestimating people's appetite for participation
  • Treating engagement as if it had intrinsic value
  • Assuming that people care deeply about brands
  • Staring down the wrong end of the telescope
  • Calling an end to talk of engagement


With charts, citations, and even examples from the UK, it's a stonking read.


So read it.


(ht @will_humphrey)


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