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What advertising can learn from call centres

This is the first in a new occasional series for the latest Labs podcast, in which Tom Roach and John Harrison, both partners at BBH, go outside advertising to talk to experts from other fields and bring back fresh insights.

This episode, Tom and John go to the coal face of customer service to meet Call Centre Workers – the undisputed experts in building instant rapport with even the most demanding of customers – and bring back 5 fascinating insights.

​This is a quick audio piece in which two senior BBHers visit a call centre. Doing such a thing should be mandatory for all creatives and strategists when getting to know new clients; they provide an incredible depth of knowledge, experience and insight. Of course, both advertising and call centres have a single, golden thread running through them anyway - the brand. If you can't make your tone of voice and how you communicate with customers feel the same to the end customer across both a 30s TV spot and a phone call, you've lost the battle.

What advertising can learn from call centres (BBH Labs)

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