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What AIs teach us about organisational culture

What AIs teach us about organisational culture

One of the fascinating features of artificial intelligence is how much it tells us about ourselves, but it is the way we train AIs in rules-based systems that can teach us the most about organisational culture.

Victoria Krakovna, a research scientist at DeepMind has put together a master list of AI "specification gaming" examples — AI training experiments gone "wrong" due to the AI gaming the system it is supposed learn from and evolve. Here are a few examples:

  • Creatures bred for speed grow really tall and generate high velocities by falling over.
  • In an artificial life simulation where survival required energy but giving birth had no energy cost, one species evolved a sedentary lifestyle that consisted mostly of mating in order to produce new children which could be eaten (or used as mates to produce more edible children).
  • AI trained to classify skin lesions as potentially cancerous learns that lesions photographed next to a ruler are more likely to be malignant.

Several involve exploiting bugs in the code of the systems they are operating in. Others simply exploit "common sense" boundaries, such as pausing the game indefinitely or killing themselves repeatedly to avoid losing.

On the surface, these failures appear to show how dumb and non-human AI can be, but what they really show is the relationship between reward incentives and behaviour and the perception of rules. It's eerie microcosm of what business culture has become in many large organisations.

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