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When computer-generated Instagram models fight

When computer-generated Instagram models fight Bermuda /v Instagram

Lil Miquela is a 19-year old singer, model, and influencer. With around 900k followers on Instagram, you might wonder why she hasn't occupied the ​Mail Online​ sidebar of shame yet. The answer is simple: ​she doesn't exist​.

The space in which Miquela occupies is the hyperrealistic one predicted in many a famous SF novel over the past 40-or-so years. Her Instagram posts are, admittedly, incredibly well done. 

​.. .and this is where hyperreality meets mundanity. Last week, Miquela's IG account was hacked by Bermuda, ​another​ CGI-rendered model/actress/whatever. Bermuda has been active on Facebook since August 2017, and is a pro-Trump, flag-waving CGI female. Her FB post on her "conflict with liberal mouthpiece and fraud Miquela" implies that the scrap is only the beginning of the influencer wars to come. We never expected to say those words, but with a side-eye to camera, we also totally expected to say them.

Bermuda and Miquela have now made up:

Motherboard has more on this tale. Were Miquela and Bermuda's creators actually the same person, creating an imaginary fight? Did they really meet? What is reality? Who knows any more?

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