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Whole Earth Catalog comes back for women

Whole Earth Catalog comes back for women Evgeniy Grozev
The ​Whole Earth Catalog​, started in 1968 by Stewart Brand as a catalogue for those seeking inspiration, has had an update... this time, from friend of Imperica Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino.

We first interviewed Alexandra way back in 2011 and since then, entirely as predicted, she has gone onto many bigger and better things, including helping to run the London IOT meetup (which is in need of a new location, by the way).

Alexandra's update of the WEC is specifically for women. The ​Woman's Whole World Catalog​ is "a digital and collaborative time capsule, a tool for shared knowledge, a way to connect lessons from the past to our difficult imminent future". It's designed to be a collaborative... well... catalogue for young women / people who identify as female to receive insight, inspiration, and ideas in terms of how to explore and understand this fucked-up Boris-and-Trump world of ours.

All that you need to do is to pick one of the available terms, then provide some information about it: a piece of content, a link, whatever. Submissions to the catalogue will shortly close, after which there will be a Newspaper Club-published book. 

That's it. Dead simple.

If you would like to offer up something - and all submissions are welcome - then visit the website. UPDATED: Submissions will be open until the end of the year, and shared daily @awwwcatalog.
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