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Winter is coming: new game explores the mediocre

Winter is coming: new game explores the mediocre
While many games pride themselves on their hyperrealism and sensory overload, ​It's Winter​ takes a completely different approach. Part of an art project by Ilia Mazo and Alexander Ignatov, the premise is simple: you do... not very much.

Set in a Russian tower block, the protagonist starts in a dark flat within the block itself. Taking a look at the snow outside, you can then turn on the light and perform a series of mundane tasks: have a bath, take the bins out, and fry some eggs. If you're thinking ​"Is that it?"​ then the answer is... well... yeah, it is.

Outside of the block, there's a handful of shops and a playground. There are no people around, and there is no-one to interact with in the virtual world - at all. You just... well... go for a wander. And, in an age where everything has a purpose and no-one has any free time, then what's the harm in that? The producers have even given this type of world a rather beautiful name: ​Sad 3D.

Ilia's website all about the project is here; the game forms part of a bigger multimedia project including a short film, book, play, and even an album - which plays on the radio in the game's flat.

Download it from Steam here. ​It's Summer​ is currently under development.

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