Welcome to Imperica Magazine

Photo from Imperica event Mirror Mirror, BFI London, May 2013

Imperica was an online magazine which covered topics in and around contemporary culture. Initially, this was limited to the wider creative industries, but spread out to any topic covering things happening right now over time. Great stuff in one field, theme, or subject is sometimes not cross-fertilised or cross-referenced into another. We aimed to serve the purpose of mashing it all up into a publication that is both unashamedly intellectual but also attractive in terms of coverage.

Launching as a website in August 2010, adding events from 2012 and a weekly newsletter from 2014, Imperica finally created a regular magazine in 2017. The first, pilot edition was published early that year, resuming in 2020 - just before lockdown started in the UK. The creeping pathos of a global pandemic is evident in the commentary infused into the issues from that year. Imperica closed for good after issue 6, in summer 2020.

This website republishes many articles from the 6 issues of Imperica Magazine. Thanks to all of the writers, interviewees, contributors and of course, readers whom we entertained over 10 years.


Photo from Imperica event “Mirror Mirror”
BFI London, May 2013